SAP Standard Fiori APPs

Time-consuming for employees to view their own information.

Many companies acknowledge business apps as a key transformational factor in how they function across the entire enterprise. Using apps in an enterprise environment helps organizations move beyond the restrictions of workstation driven software and captive information to form a 360-degree perception of their customers and shape their overall business strategy.

  • Complex navigation across SAP systems with T-Codes.
  • Challenges for managers to approve requests outside the office network.
  • Prevalence of paper-based forms that were hard to track and inefficient.
  • Time-consuming for employees to view their own information.
  • Provides a modern, user-friendly and intuitive user interface for users.
  • Increases user adoption and decrease errors and incorrect data.
  • Improves efficiency in business processes.
  • Reduces training costs, time and increases employee engagement.

SAP Fiori apps can usher your organization into the enterprise mobility age with the minimal of disruption to IT, leverage Fiori UX to streamline business processes and functions and drive user adoption across the organization. Fiori apps enable your employees to access information easily, perform everyday tasks instantly and reduce production errors.

Mobolutions is an SAP Fiori partner for SAP Fiori implementation and deployment. Based on extensive market research and engagement with our customers, we developed a comprehensive SAP Fiori apps library for all major SAP modules. All you have to do is choose the Fiori app you are interested in, get connected with us, and we will get you started on the enterprise mobility journey

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